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Enjoy Jess Glynne in style with a VIP ticket

VIP tickets


Can I bring my own food and drink?

You are not permitted to bring any food or alcoholic drink inside the fenced concert arena. Soft drinks will be permitted into the fenced concert arena but are restricted to 500ml per person, in a sealed bottle only.

Can I go back and forth to my car once I’ve entered the concert?

The concert arena is within a confined fenced area. No pass outs or re entry will be allowed.

Can I buy food and drink at the concert?

A fully licensed bar and catering facilities will be available. We operate a Challenge 25 policy at the bars. No alcohol will be served to any persons under the age of 18. Proof of identification and age may be required in the form of a valid driving licence or passport.

Can I apply to be a vendor at the events?

We are always looking for interesting vendors selling unique products – so get in touch at info@lphconcertsandevents.co.uk. Please note, you must be self-contained in terms of equipment and have current Public Liability Insurance in place.

Do you have any vegan or gluten free food options?

We have a vegan and gluten free food supplier who will be at the events. Please click here to download their menu.

Ticket FAQs

For any ticket FAQs, please visit the Bedford Park Concerts FAQ page here: Ticket FAQs

Will tickets be available on the day?

Tickets are subject to availability; therefore it is advisable to book your ticket in advance to avoid disappointment. Ticket prices on the day will be announced soon.

Can I bring a chair and other furniture to the event?

One folding chair per person will be allowed into the concert arena. It should be noted though, that any chairs brought in will need to be positioned behind a demarcation line in the concert arena. This demarcation line will be set to create a safe area both for those customers who wish sit and those who wish to stand at the concert/at the front of the stage area. Private marquees and gazebos are not permitted.

What other items should I bring?

Please keep in mind this is a standing outdoor evening concert. Weather conditions can change quickly and so all concert goers should dress appropriately and be prepared if the ground is wet. Umbrellas: Please note small personal umbrellas are allowed, however large parasols and golf sized umbrellas will not be permitted on site.

Is there an ATM / cash machine at the event?

Cash machines will not be available onsite.

Can I take photographs?

You’re very welcome to bring your camera to capture the atmosphere, friends and family, however professional photography equipment is not permitted.

What disabled access will be available?

The concert venue has an inner tarmacked pathway running all the way around, and leads directly to the concert area which is grassed. The grassed area is very flat and the grass cut short. There is also a wheelchair platform should guests in wheelchairs want to use this, and is on a first come first served basis. We have produced concerts in this park for 20 years, and this is one of our more wheelchair friendly venues we work at.

The Line Up

Jess Glynne

Basement Jaxx DJ Set

Sam Wills & Hannah Jane Lewis

The Triple Brit Award nominee and platinum selling artist will be ‘Right Here’ in Bedford Park This Summer!

Jess Glynne first came into the public prominence in 2014 as the vocalist on Clean Bandit’s Grammy Award winning and #1 hit ‘Rather Be’; Glynne scored another number one earlier that same year on Route 94’s ‘My Love’. Pop sensation Jess Glynne has since become one of the biggest UK breakthrough acts of recent years.

Her chart-topping debut album, I Cry When I Laugh – which includes the singles Right Here, Hold My Hand, Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself and Take Me Home – turned double platinum in the UK, making it the biggest selling debut album of 2015.

Jess is also one of only two British female solo artists to have five consecutive UK number one singles. 2016 was a further massive year for Jess, with a sold-out UK arena tour under her belt plus she was nominated for British Breakthrough Act, British Female Solo Artist and British Single for ‘Hold My Hand’ at the prestigious Brit Awards. More recently she teamed up with Tinie Tempah on the smash hit single ‘Not Letting Go’.

Since then Jess has been touring in sold out shows all over the world and is currently back in the charts featuring on Rudimental’s new single ‘These Days’, which has become her latest chart hit single triumph.

Glynne’s success is down to her unique ability to turn stories of heartbreak into big, bold crowd-pleasers – be they piano-backed ballads or synth-heavy house anthems. She has credits greats such as Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Mariah and Whitney as providing her inspiration.

Basement Jaxx DJ Set

Since starting life as underground producers and party promoters in 1995, putting out their first tracks on shrink wrapped vinyl and throwing hush-hush raves in abandoned South London pizza joints, Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton, collectively known as Basement Jaxx DJ Set, have taken the sound of London, SW9 to the world.

With album sales of more than 3 million under their belt including their legendary debut album “Remedy” and 2005’s double platinum UK No.1 collection “The Singles”, Basement Jaxx DJ Set have also developed into a remarkable live act –an all-out sensory assault featuring live musicians, an army of singers and dazzling visuals which has graced The Hollywood Bowl (twice), rocked 30,000 party people in Hyde Park in Central London and headlined both the Main Stage & The Other Stage (twice) at Glastonbury.

Alongside this, the Jaxx have consistently explored other musical avenues including a (then) unique album collaboration with the Netherland’s Metropole Orkest (“Basement Jaxx DJ Set Vs. Metropole Orkest”) which had it’s UK live debut at the Barbican in London in 2011; the first Basement Jaxx DJ Set movie score, for Joe Cornish’s “Attack The Block”; and 2014’s collaborative song project, “Power To The People”.

Basement Jaxx DJ Set are double BRIT award winners (Best Dance Act), received a Grammy for their third album “Kish Kash” and continue to produce quality releases on their own label, Atlantic Jaxx Recordings. 2018 will see them working on music for a TV show for ITV, producing (and co-writing with) new artists whilst DJing around the world, including an Ibiza residency for Glitterbox at Hi Ibiza.

Get set Bedford for an anthem-filled set of big summer ballads!

The VIP Experience

The Jess Glynne VIP experience includes all of the below:

Concert ticket to Jess Glynne Live

‘Fast Track’ entry into Bedford Park

Access into ‘The Park Lounge’ hospitality marquee and garden

A glass of chilled Prosecco on arrival (soft drinks for children)

Luxury Summer Barbecue and gourmet salad bar

Prime viewing position

Furniture inside, and outside

Access to The Park Lounge bar

Souvenir VIP event lanyard

Luxury toilet facilities


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